Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sovereignty Trumps Identity

In the wake of a study that shows Tim Hortons should be included in the list of Canadian cultural identifiers, alongside toques, canoes, hockey (and lacrosse) sticks, and beavers, Canadians struggle to be removed from no-fly lists. This situation has been compounded by the decision of the U.S. to extend their jurisdiction to U.S. airspace; thus, a person on a list cannot fly through U.S. airspace. Apart from privacy issues, personal information of passengers is sent to the States, flying will be even more of a hassle, since few airlines will fly around U.S. airspace. Unfortunately, like Palin's pardon of the turkey, these decisions have been painted on backdrop of cultural irony. Fortunately, humour has flourished as well; I thoroughly enjoyed a piece on the bafflement of complete sentences.

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