Sunday, November 09, 2008

Calzaghe's Conquest

Calzaghe not only conquered Roy Jones, Jr. but he also conquered doubt. He has put the matter to rest: he is great and among the greatest (since the fight his name has been bantered around with Mayweather's). His combination of resilience and controlled fury silenced the early chants of U!S!A! and the ridiculous speculation of the commentators, e.g., their observation that Calzaghe's girlfriend put her hands in the praying position. Beginning in the third round Calzaghe repeatedly taunted Jones by jutting out is forehead, daring him to take a shot and leave an opening. Although Jones did make some incredible punches, like the uppercut in the sixth, he never rattled Calzaghe again. Even with Jones' constant banter Calzaghe still had time to wiggle his hips, run on the spot, and deliver 75 punches a round compared to Jones' 35 to 40. Finally in the eighth round the crowd, perhaps seized by the animal instinct of a potential kill, started to cheer for Calzaghe. I prefer to think that they had realized he was the kind of champion whose greatness transcends nationhood.

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