Saturday, November 15, 2008

Getting it Right?

Since my days as young lad in Scotland where I regularly ate venison, rabbit, and duck, as well as pheasant or grouse on special occasions, I've always eaten game whenever I can; thus, when I heard that some friends had brought back moose from the Yukon, I jumped at the chance to have some. The rich and intricate flavour of the slow cooked meat had a texture similar to pulled pork. Paired with Premices CĂ´tes Du Luberon 2006, a crisp full bodied red, we had a veritable feast.

While I was over there Harvey showed me some books on the Saanich Tribes, e.g., Sencoten Legends and Stories. As I flipped through them I noticed some characters and diacritical marks that I didn't recognize, so I enquired about them. Harvey pronounced some guttural sounds and a long "sh" sound. Later I reflected on these sounds. These were the sounds that I'd heard attributed to a propensity for drink when I'd first arrived in Canada. This irony stung, particularly when I'd read that seized aboriginal lands had been returned. The seizure of these lands was described as a "difficult chapter" in B.C. history. I put Last Great American Whale on repeat and wondered how much we'd really learned in the last 100 years.

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