Monday, October 30, 2006

Good Bye John

Today, I had the pleasure of attending the funeral for John Dougan (the pleasure was in knowing this great man and hearing about his impact on so many, not in having to say good bye). Well, why was he so great? You can only answer this question by having known him, but here are a few things. I first met him when we moved to Victoria, he and his wife Rie were our new neighbours, immediately our family took a shine to this man and his wife. Over the years he has been more than a grand parent to me. He was the second person (after my mom) Tessa and I told the news of our engagement to, while he was on one of his usual walks in the neighbourhood. My mom is right, the neighbourhood will not be the same without him; he knew everyone and was always up to date with what they were doing. He delighted in giving toonies to my children as if they were his own grand-kids. To me, the glint in his eye and gentlemanly manner stand out. Over the years my mother has oft said, "always the diplomat, John Dougan". He was always so gracious and loved a good joke; he would always laugh while telling the punch-line. I still break out in laughter when I recall some of the occasions with him. We, humans, truly are meant to be together, given the impact we can have upon one another. It is amazing how the stories of so many have "John" in it and he is inextricably woven through the last twenty-two years of mine. Thank you John, for being you. Just like a ray of sunshine you were always seen to be brightest in the gloom. Good bye.


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