Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Storm Front

Just when Canadians thought that federal politics were destined to become pedestrian again, Dion springs talk of a coalition. In fact, this co-operation has been growing in the house since Harper first came to power. This news blind-sided Harper who seemed to have gotten caught up in all the boasting of his party's strong financial position. Ironically too late, Canadians now complain about the Conservative party's negative ads and their idleness regarding the economy. Nevertheless, they seem more ready to accept Dion's move, though how much so remains unclear. Meanwhile Harper, who is backed in a corner, contemplates severe actions, such as dissolving Parliament. I think the coalition would be beneficial for Canada: first, climate change and the economy will be taken seriously and second, although the Conservatives appear united, once a coalition comes to power they will be much less inclined to tow the party-line (many have already expressed their discontent at the PMO for causing the crisis) so new legislation on the environment and economy will hopefully be passed quickly. Furthermore, Dion will gain redemption and respect, (some reckon he already has).


Anonymous said...

Hey D.
Interesting time for sure. I am quite concerned about Harper's emphasis on the 'Bloc'...could head us quickly towards a significant 'unity' issue. I am sure he will dissolve until the new year. Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

It's been almost two weeks...waiting for another entry...Hope all is well. I wished I could comment on more of your blogs but they were above my head, which is actually a long way up. Looking forward to more!

D. said...

Yeah I know. I have a couple drafts set up and hope to get them finished in the next day or so. Thanks for the prod.


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