Monday, December 08, 2008

Anticipatory Jitters

Harper attracts the kind of attention normally accorded to the predators of the animal kingdom: onlookers remain fascinated by his efficiency even though they eschew his methods and hold sympathy for the victims. Harper, once again appears to be getting away with it. The Liberals had better employ some drastic evasive action.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that there is nothing underhanded or undemocratic about a coalition. They occur frequently around the world in minority governments; just not in our regular context of majority governments and the two party system across the border. Please ignore all discussion of "coups" (I still can't believe someone used this term) and "backroom dealings."

Speaking of across the border, I have been reading a stream articles concerned about Obama's emerging cabinet, specifically the Clinton/Bush Sr. blend of Gates, Albright, Holbrooke, et cetera. In addition to the Neocons/hawks, concern grows about "Zionists" such as Clinton and Emanuel. I am concerned about Obama's concessions regarding the economy, especially hisstimuli and auto industry bailout. Although I have already commented that Wall Street and the auto industry should face the consequences of squandered profits and poor decisions, the stimulus package of investing in highways really misses the mark. Yes, perform repairs; however, the real investment should be in LRT and other transit solutions, if he wants to meet his goals of independence from foreign oil.

I do understand that Obama cannot appear too liberal in this political climate saturated with fear. Nevertheless, many want assurances that radical change will still take place, especially in the midst of the Bush fallout (economic crisis and all). Obama has already indicated that his cabinet will serve him, but the Bush team has unnerved many. Obama responded by appointing Shinseki, Rumsfeld's nemesis, to Veterans Affairs. More positions need to be filled and he may even turn to the Republicans to get the right man for the job, e.g., Schwarzenegger for energy secretary.

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