Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Election 2008: What now?

Although some, mostly die-hard Harper supporters, argue that the extra 20 or so seats were worth the $350 million (a significant increase over the $277 million of 2006), it is difficult to determine if that is so. If you track the "progress" of the Reform Party>Canadian Alliance>Conservative party, a broader support base has surely been achieved; however, to think in such terms you have to be a proud supporter, a parent to the cause. In real terms, Western Canada, which used to be drowned out by the voices of Quebec and Ontario, has a greater voice since the 2006 election, but it is hard to make out what else the party is singing. This can clearly seen by the Conservative's campaign messages: they said that Dion had not changed his platform since the economic crisis, but had Harper? They said, "Don't take the risk" with Dion, but never stated what the status quo was; is it really about sweaters and kittens? So we ask, "What now?"

Will Harper be able to pass more legislation? No, he did just fine prior to the election. Instead, we will have to watch Baird embarrass us in places like Bali. We'll also watch Harper do whatever the U.S. president says; the only consolation is the huge leap in the polls by Obama, so there's less chance of a militant Harper. In Victoria, we'll have to hear about Lunn trying to place the blame on experts. As a side issue, I hope Lewis sees the folly of his decision not to back Penn, for Lunn got in for the fifth time without a majority. (Of course, some blame may be placed on Penn for abandoning the Greens in the first place, for many were hesitant to back a Liberal despite her track record). The biggest question is whether Harper will make a definable accomplishment. (After all, it's hard much the past surpluses have padded his economic performance). Will he really pass stiffer environmental regulations or just duck-and-run with Baird?

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Mary said...

Hey D:
Great post. I agree with all sentiments. For me personally I have never had a greater sense of why? than at the polls this year. I almost broke out in a cold sweat while I held my little ballot. At least I know my vote gave $1.75 to the green party. Perhaps my own sense of wanderlust was made more severe by my interest in the election-to-be down south. I kept wishing there was a spot for me to vote Obama. Looking forward to a chance to share next week.


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