Thursday, October 16, 2008

Final Debate

Tonight was the last in a series of successful debates; I have really enjoyed the variety of format (standing, town hall, sitting) and the adaptive questioning, e.g., the negative campaign question, in these debates. Again in this debate McCain seemed to get mired in the mundane, while Obama rose above it. McCain's $300 billion plan sounds even weaker than when he introduced it in the last debate, which is apparent when he makes his rebuttal, "It doesn't help that person in their home if the next door neighbor's house is abandoned." Besides repeating his mantras, such as "Greed and excess" and "hurting and angry," McCain seemed out of touch. He repeatedly spoke of the American Dream, something which Obama realizes is now a pie-in-the-sky dream (and something that must be rebuilt), since the Bush years, rather than a dream to be realized by any immigrant. The result was that his mentions of Joe the plumber seemed irrelevant especially when Obama quipped, "He has been watching ads of Sen. McCain's." McCain constantly dealt out the low blows: Class warfare, Ayers, and ACORN. Obama was brilliant in his responses, e.g., "Even FOX News disputes it" and "I don't mind being attacked for the next three weeks." I have to take issue with McCain assertion that Biden was wrong regarding the Gulf War, for it is quite clear that Bush Sr. had given Saddam assurances that invading Kuwait was o.k.

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