Friday, January 04, 2008

Progress and Why I like Obama

About a month ago I was talking with some friends about the state of the world (see Middle East Mess). Inevitably, given I was talking, I mentioned the hope I have in Barack Obama to bring about some change for the better. At the time I was jaded by the polls, specifically Hillary's lead in them, so I mentioned Obama in a context of running with Gore; I said, "for the sake of humanity Gore must run". Although this thinking is no longer necessary, the knot in my stomach that American voters may once more be swayed from common sense has not diminished. I am tense with anticipation to see the New Hampshire results.

Since I have been blinded by Ate (like Agamemnon, so caught up in a rage about the situation) and have unconsciously omitted any mention of the solution, Obama, in my blog, I'll briefly discuss why I like him. I first heard about him when a friend mentioned his book The Audacity to Hope. My friend's description of the man intrigued me, so I read part of the book myself and checked out his campaign website. I watched his promo-video and was blown away by both his message and his oratory. Then I have followed the polls, read a number of interviews and watched his speeches. Although his charisma, intellect, and speeches are appealing, it is the sense that he makes that really impresses me. These qualities tell me that he has what it takes to make the changes he proposes. He has vision and appreciates consensus, though he is strong enough to stick to his guns. He has shone a light on the bad in U.S. domestic and foreign policy, though not in a demeaning manner. He has a conscience and is not afraid to be guided by it. I don't think he'll uphold the banishment of habeas corpus and extradition points.

Yes, I must acknowledge the sceptic. There is The Machine. Will he even know what the CIA is doing? Will they or some other person attempt his assassination? Will he even get elected? Sure, I worry about these points but something has got to change. How far can things go? Nevertheless, I feel Obama has what it takes to turn the country around. His actions may not be perfect, but he has one hell of a task to turn around such a mass with so much momentum. He is truly a Kennedy, Luther King, and Roosevelt for America. Come on New Hampshire!

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