Friday, January 11, 2008

Polyphonic bliss

I fully enjoy the entire realm of music; most of all, I love being surprised by the sounds of a new band. Sure, I like those masterpieces that grow on you and finally conquer your consciousness, but I also love those catchy tunes you like right away and listen to a hundred times. About an hour I read my JamBase newsletter, an awesome source for new music and concert videos, and clicked on the link for Polyphonic Spree's new video, We Crawl. Definitely a catchy tune and cool video, a collage of 23 video sources. Lately my repeat list includes The Maker by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, Walk on the Wild Side by DJ Disse, Someone Send an Angel Down by Derek Miller, Reckoner by Radiohead, Count Yourself In by Ten Second Epic, Pukalani by David Kahiapo, Maburk by DJ Fabian Alsultany, Narayanate by Uday Shankar and Pan Pan Pan Remix by Nufin-Yin who samples Noam Chomsky.

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