Monday, January 07, 2008

Mayan bliss

Right now I am sitting in the Solstice Cafe on the bottom of Pandora enjoying a cup of Mayan Hot Chocolate, a perfect balance of spice, sweet, and smooth. Although I can't escape the gravity of 2% for long, I intend to enjoy many more of these. Pausanias, a geographer/travel-writer from the 2nd C. A.D., is my surfing subject. Lately, I've been tuning my wife's Asus Eee PC, a totally cool ultra-compact notebook for $400. If you order it on NCIX they throw in a 4 Gb memory card. Although the machine is straight forward for a Linux machine it doesn't handle WPA very well. Thankfully the wiki has an entry on advanced WPA configuration that worked well for me.

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