Monday, January 19, 2009

Unchecked Hegemony

Despite his best intentions Bush has gone out with a whimper — the only legacy the “misunderestimated” president has established during his ‘farewell tour’ is the Bushism: he “articulates what [he] believes … and believes what [he] believes is right.” Bush, in his public displays, exudes a curious blend of arrogance and ignorance that demands much from the observer: Should he be taken seriously? Does he take himself seriously? Does he really believe that redemption lies within his grasp? Doesn’t he realize that the shoe throwing commemorates his last days in office much more than any saber-rattling over the Arctic? Nevertheless, Bush’s smugness, in many ways, is warranted: he has succeeded in doing things his way and getting away with it. At least, he wasn’t able to pardon himself from future prosecution.

North of the border, Harper exhibits the same smugness, though none of the same verbal lapses. He also prefers sweaters and kittens to aircraft carriers and flight jackets. Although he faithfully touts the Bush line, in domestic matters he roams unchecked. I am truly surprised to hear the opinion that Harper had no choice but to appoint senators — he’s too sly to be in that position. Now, as if to test the faith of his supporters, he’s actually stacking the Senate with Conservatives. He contradicts his own proclamations and legislation to hold power while supporters state that a coalition is undemocratic; in reality it is anything but “undemocratic.”

Ironically, in the case of Obama, I actually hope this free reign continues and that he does not get bogged down in the Senate, so wrongs such as Gitmo can be made right.

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