Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Countdown

Although Bush may grant pardons until noon, it appears his last act before handing over power to Barack Obama (just typing that feels good) will be the pardoning of two border guards. Meanwhile the momentum that has been building since November reaches a fever pitch and fortunate participants get to thrive on the energy of the moment. For Obama the final leg of the journey began on Saturday when he travelled with his family from Philadelphia to Washington. Sunday was We Are One where spectators “got to hear the A-list stars that have gathered around the president-elect to share in the pixie dust of the day.” Monday, Martin Luther King Day, Obama honoured Luther King, helped paint a teenage homeless center and officially launched usaservice.org, and hosted bipartisan dinners with McCain, Powell, and Biden.

For some last minute fun, check out Bush’s Last Day and see true American enterprise at work. For the first time the National Mall will be open so the public can view the swearing-in ceremony at 10:00am. Then in the inaugural address, deemed to be 17 minutes long, he will meet our expectations and take his place in history. It will be interesting to see how Obama acknowledges Bush’s service, a traditional part of the speech; he may have to employ his best tact yet.

For some background information check out the Guardian for a good breakdown of his administration and an excellent interactive guide to America (America by race, wealth, and other indicators).

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