Friday, June 06, 2008


Yesterday, after some doing, I finally got my hands on a Gardena Turbotrimmer. It took the better part of two months due to the inefficient and inaccurate inventory systems of HomeDepot and various e-stores I visited. At one point I was so frustrated with the phantom products and supposed shippings that I swore I'd revamp their systems. (If you're reading this HomeDepot and others, it's ridiculous that the salesperson cannot view shipping info from the product page). One advantage of the long wait is that the weeds in one corner of my lawn inaccessible by lawnmower have grown long and thick enough to adequately put the Turbotrimmer through its paces.
I purchased the Turbotrimmer because the guilt of running a two-stroke weed-eater had become too much, as had the rough running and constant stalls. I had too much grass to hand-scythe and disliked cords, so I opted for the cord-less model. The 18V lithium-ion battery provides more than enough power for my yard and that thorny corner of the lawn was effortlessly reduced to stubble. I did the backyard between rain showers and still had lots of power left after 20 min. The battery charger has a light on it to indicate whether the trimmer is fully charged or not, so there's no guess-work. I am fairly tall, 194 cm, and this product is fully adjustable so there's no need for me to stoop. Also, despite warnings in the manual, I was able to weed-eat in sandals and casual pants, as displayed on the box (I, at least, had my eye-glasses on).
The only disadvantages I experienced were that the guard gets in the way at times (I'm considering removing it, an easy operation) and the plastic blade wore pretty quickly, though by turning it around I'll get more wear out of it.

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