Thursday, June 12, 2008

Harper's Apology

After my complaint, I was happy to learn Harper would make an apology for Canada's treatment of First Nations in residential schools; however, I was skeptical of how sincere or thorough he would be. Harper, however, delivered: his apology (text excerpts here) was so much more than the words of speech writers; his teary eyes said it all, so did the tears of those on the Hill. These effects continued to spread: a First Nations friend of mine who home-schools her children offered to provide a seminar on the traditions of First Nations in response to questions stemming from the apology. As a result I was shocked when I heard a woman on the bus refer to an apology for the treatment of First Nations in foster care, and follow with echoes of Poilievre's ill chosen words; I guess some don't get it. I do agree with some pundits that the apology could have gone further, perhaps then everyone will get it.

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