Friday, May 16, 2008

Yes We Can

I just checked out Obama - The WorldBeat Album (this link includes the videos for each song). It is awesome to see so much support for Obama from such a wide variety of people. Most of these songs add lyrics concerning Barack to familiar sounding songs and beats. Some, such as Barack the Magnificent, are done well and others are too familiar to really be effective. The album also includes Yes We Can by This song has taken the web by storm since February. and a slew of musicians and celebrities repeat or sing phrases from the concession speech Obama gave after the New Hampshire primary to Obama's utterance of the same phrases. Here's the video, which was directed by Jesse Dylan. (The Wikipedia entry lists all those who appear and the time they do so.)

We Are the Ones also is excellent; after the original, Zoe Kravitz's version plays. Can you stop playing these videos? Obama's the man.

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