Thursday, May 08, 2008

Miscellaneous Delights

As spring arrives, the beauty of the world is revealed. Peace is easy to find: a birdsong beckons me to the forest and the tranquil trickle of a spring lulls my soul. Rays of warmth disrupt the dampness. The moss makes an inviting bed, but sleep does not come. It seems a part of me suspects this unfamiliar peace. Eventually sleep does come providing a rest thrice fulfilling than the time warranted. After a siesta the long days and pleasant temperatures cause me to dine out of doors. The food keeps well in the slight cool and no wasps or mosquitoes diminish the enjoyment of my meal.

Dwelling on spring reminds me of the goodness of the Earth and why I purchase organic products whenever I can afford it. Over the years I have purchased a number of organic wines, but besides the relatively expensive Bonterra wines, I have not been overly impressed. Terra Sana (in the Flash window, click Wines & Vineyards, then France, then Terra Sana) makes a very pleasant crisp white and a decent red, but it wasn't until I tasted Villa Teresa's 2007 Merlot that I was overcome. The Merlot is light in colour and weight and provides a semi-sweet fruity flavour reminiscent of a Beaujolais Nouvea. It makes a very nice aperitif or companion to a light meal, such as a lightly dressed salad or a pork loin roast. (Its subtleties would be overpowered by the rich flavours of fish or a strip loin).

Prior to subscribing to the Best of You Tube Podcast a year and a half ago, I really had no idea of the number of people with astonishing ideas and skills. Some of them are quirky and mildly entertaining, but some are well worth watching. For a sampling, check out 323 (Grand Central Freeze), 306 (Juggling with Hammers), 280 (Backflip on slackline), 129 (Ball Skills), 104 (Pool Trick Shots).

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