Sunday, March 30, 2008

Derrick, a Barack fan

Here is a good video that has generated much discussion on YouTube. Derrick Ashong is an eloquent supporter of Barack Obama and discusses why he supports Barack in this video. He is also the lead singer of Soulfege, so the video was also featured on Calabash Music.

It was followed up by a second video that corrects some misconceptions about the video, e.g., whether the Obama campaign sponsored it and has Derrick speaking in a more personal manner. I love the quip about his mother not being impressed that he had gum in his mouth for the shooting of the first video.

It is interesting how the race has progressed so far. Clinton has won the large states that have large economies, although by a slim margin in most cases and Obama has won across the nation with little regard for corporate interest (most of his campaign financing comes from individual donors). Texas and Ohio showed how readily voters change with the wind of the media. I hope people get back to thinking and trusting their gut rather than worrying about experience (do Clinton's years as First Lady really count?) and what Obama's retired minister said. It's as ridiculous as Fox News' headline story with "latest developments" on the school he attended in Jakarta, see CNN's debunking of this story here.

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