Tuesday, March 25, 2008


A week ago Barack Obama took viewers on an eloquent journey through American history. In his characteristic manner he empowers Americans, and fans from other countries, to create the picture envisioned by America's founding fathers. His vision, clarity, €understanding, wisdom and qualification to govern America is made all the more clear when this speech is placed on the backdrop of Hilary's exaggerations.

Also you can read the transcript. Drew Westen in the Huffington Post states that it was a brilliant discussion of race, class and patriotism shows substance unlike any politician in recent history." I love his description of Obama's response to the "'pre-game show' of cable commentators: But then, for 45 minutes, I saw a man who for days had appeared somewhat at sea, buffeted by waves that relentlessly pushed him off course, seem to find his compass and chart a course directly into the eye of the storm. I saw a man with the inner confidence, and the steadiness of a captain who knew he was sailing on uncharted waters but needed to go there anyway, take the nation with him and land them safely on the shore."

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