Friday, May 26, 2006

Searching for Meaning

Edward Wilson in the May 2006 issue of National Geographic states, "Well, the human mind has evolved to search for meaning." This statement seems counter-intuitive to me. There are few things in history that have caused as much grief to the world as the search for meaning. Notably any institutionalized form of religion. How could it then develop? I do like the fact that Wilson considers the subject of the world as A Meeting of Science and Religion (the subtitle of his new book). It is true that many have lost the big picture. The world is beautiful. Let us not screw it up too bad. We will have an impact, so the question is quantity. How needless is our (the traditional West's) waste? I agree that Intelligent Design will not provide scientific answers, but I in no way believe that science can provide all the answers humans need. I like how Robert Miller put it in the April 2006 issue of First Things:

"The larger problem the Dover Area School Board was trying to address--the apparent atheistic drift of much public education--may still have a solution, however. I think public high schools ought to offer, at the senior level, a course in philosophy, including metaphysics...This would negate the impression, perhaps created in science classes, that science explains everything there is to explain about the universe." Check it out! The whole article is good.

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