Thursday, May 04, 2006

New Censorship

Today I went to my local music store to pick up Living with War by Neil Young. Unfortunately the store did not have it, but I couldn't help wondering if the FBI label on the back would read "If you purchase this product you are considered to hold the same view as the artist and will be charged under section 9.11 of the Patriot Act." Then the next time I visited the States with that music in my itunes I could be held without trial for listening to an album that actually seems to make sense.

Onto another topic: I was given an Eddie Bauer back-pack several years ago and have used it often. The result is that the zipper is completely broken. I decided to go into the Eddie Bauer Store to get it fixed. After discussing my problem with several sales staff and the manager, I learned that they would not fix it, as I did not have a receipt. This situation seemed ridiculous to me because there are a number of patches that stipulate that I have a genuine Eddie Bauer bag. I wish they would tell the truth and say, "We get many sales because we advertise a lifetime warranty on the bag, but put many obstacles in the way so we don't have to honour the warranty." My solution was to give the bag away and hope that someone out there can repair the zipper and give the otherwise good bag a new lease on life after writing a complaint to the company to which I received no answer. I would like to point out that my DaKine bag also had zipper problems, but that it was replaced with no hassle.

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