Wednesday, March 15, 2006


This is nuts. I have joined into the fray of speeding bytes to, in a way, journal, opine, and argue about both nothing and something. Well here goes my first blog. The other night I checked out this organ recital at a church in town. It turned out that a famous - in organ circles- organist from Austria was playing. I listened with joy and soon I was lifted from my awkward position (seated in a pew, facing away from the organ) to the heavens. No longer did I see that woman's hair in front of me instead only the streams of the melody. After an intermission, in which I found few approachable, I found myself hearing electric guitar licks reminiscent of Eddie in Bach's work. I could not escape this association in the second piece either. Maybe one day I will master Bach for the electric guitar. Until then I will strum away on less abstract pieces, as I try to escape from marching with the ants.

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