Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palin on the Right

As a fan of Fey's, I could not wait to watch the SNL skit; it did not disappoint.

Here's a more sobering video that brings us back to reality:

Although McCain made a brilliant move in selecting Palin, and she deserves some attention, let us not forget the state of the world and who got us here. Attacking Russia would be a big mistake as would be ignoring climate change. One reader of my local paper wrote a Letter to the Editor entitled, "What do we do when Dubya is gone?", in which he stated that voters would be disappointed with Obama after the election and ask, "What do we do now?" The answer is get out of Iraq, step down invasion plans for Iran (Pakistan? and Russia?), stop torture and extra-ordinary rendition, re-instate habeas corpus, address climate change, stabilize the economy, and introduce universal healthcare.

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