Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic Glory

Although I was buoyed by the success of South Island athletes (six of Canada's 18 medals) at the Olympics, I was disappointed by Canada's overall performance relative to other countries of our size. How come we can never touch Australia, a smaller country in population (two-thirds of ours) with over twice as many medals, and only just beat countries, such as Holland who have half our population? (They actually ranked higher due to a greater number of gold medals). In the Winter Olympics countries such as Austria, a third of our population, are our nemesis. The coverage by CBC however, did not disappoint. The live video on their website was excellent offering versions with or without the commentary, and highlights were easy to find in the On Demand Video tab. Watching without the commentary was frequently illuminating as you could clearly hear the advice of coaches during a match, though it could get annoying with the repeated chanting of U-S-A. The ability to choose what event you wish to watch live and switch between them was very handy. I sure didn't miss cable this time around.

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