Sunday, July 13, 2008

Barack's balance act

This week ended with much griping over Barack's whiplash effect and comparisons of who was making faster about-faces, Obama or McCain. While some question Barack's integrity, especially many of Hillary's large donors, he's doing what it takes and not defecting. I like how Freedland in the Guardian Weekly put it, "[Obama's u-turns] suggest that he is determined not to be just another principled loser -- and the Democrats have had plenty of those."

Update: Some Democrats also wonder whether he has compromised his core beliefs; however, his Marshall Plan for the 21st century shows he hasn't: end Iraq, end war with Taliban and al-Qaida (the recent bombings show how difficult this will be), end U.S. oil dependency (take notes Harper), securing nuclear weapons (it would help if Israel's were official), and rebuilding U.S. alliances (how about returning the soft-wood lumber tariff). Although finishing the war with the Taliban and securing all nukes seems unattainable the rest are within reach and needed. It can't get worse (assuming Bush's half-baked plans on attacking Iran and maintaining permanent bases in the region don't come to fruition):

Images are scanned from the Guardian Weekly 11.07.08.

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