Saturday, April 26, 2008

Global Care, Cheap and Easy

Purchasing green products does decrease your footprint, but a number of solutions cost no money. Reducing consumption is an obvious one, but one that needs to be stated more often in North America. The Hungersite and its family of sites only require a click to make a donation to various causes or purchase endangered land. The donations are made possible by donors and advertisers. Over the years the website has been greatly improved, so the process is easier than ever (if you stopped clicking due to its inefficiency, try it again). The site has tabs down the side that contain concise information on a number of issues and fair trade items can be purchased through the site. EcologyFund works the same way as the Rainforest site. Both sites tell you how much land has been saved (on the Hungersite the info appears after you click, while EcologyFund has it in the sidebar); encouraging. I have these links in my Bookmarks Toolbar Folder, so it's easy to click every day (you can only do it once a day). To add them there, assuming you're using Firefox, just click Bookmark This Page and select Bookmarks Toolbar Folder.

Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC) has partnered with UsedEverywhere, so sellers can donate a portion of their sale to the NCC. Sellers doing so will have a NCC logo next to the item for sale.

Don't forget World Fair Trade Day on May 10th.

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