Thursday, October 25, 2007


Lately, I have come across a lot of good music courtesy of Calabash music. They now offer 10 free tracks a week and if you buy credits you only pay 80 cents on the dollar for songs. This is a great way to get introduced to World music. This week I downloaded a bunch of Ernest Ranglin's work; he is an amazing guitarist that blends fluid lines with cultural voices. Past favourites are Hoya Hoya by Bole2Harlem and DJ Disse's Walk on the Wild Side. Vusi Mahlasela is a wonderful human being and inspiring performer; check out his amazing performances at TED.

I am an early adopter of technology, ideas and values and, given the fact that I had counted down the arrival of iTunes Plus to free myself of the antiquated DRM, I bounded to download In Rainbows. I favour the artist and not the label, so I paid them the equivalent of $8.00 to support this move to direct access. Although I would have rather previewed the album and then decided on the amount, I arrived at this amount by considering the amount they would profit from in a regular release and doubling it. No album artwork was included with the download, so I did a search and found a number of good entries at this site. I attached my favourites to each song. I have played the album a number of times but it is Reckoner that I put on constant repeat and can't get enough of.

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