Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bang! Bang!

I am writing this after only 3 hours of sleep --during the last half-hour my daughter screamed constantly because her hair was being washed, so it wasn't a quality three hours. Neil Young's Living with War is on and last night begins to flood into my conscience. I went to work purposefully late yesterday to prepare for the long day ahead because I was hired by a film company to be a liaison for our building. The film company told me I would end between 11 and 2, but 5:30 turned out to be the time. Anyway, I made some decent money and got to see the large number of people exercising at that time on a Saturday morning.

It was pretty cool to be "part" of the crew and I was shuttled off to lunch with other workers at around 10:30. I was able to put in an eleven hour day of work, but couldn't focus so late at night so I watched the filming for the remainder of my long shift. At one point I was imprisoned upstairs because they were filming on the stairs. Repeatedly the prop-man handed a gun to an actor and yelled, "The gun is hot." The scene consisted of a woman who is kidnapped by some guy, the kidnapper shoots a cop and as they go down the stairs the victim breaks free and grabs the gun from the dead cop and kills the criminal. Funnily enough, at one point the actor playing the criminal got hurt so there was real blood with all that fake blood. Bang! Bang! still rings in my ears from the firing of all those blanks.

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